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“The Otty Lake Association became aware of the issue of radon accumulation in homes through a board member’s experience.  The group felt that more people should be aware of radon gas because of the of the strong link to lung cancer.  Homes with elevated radon levels have been detected in every region of the country, and the only way to know for sure it to test for it.  Fortunately, it is reasonably simple to test for radon gas, and should someone detect levels about the recommended limit, there are mitigation measures that can be taken at reasonable cost. 

The OLA has organized a free information session with guest speakers from Health Canada and a radon mitigation firm  for Monday, April 1st in Perth.  Anyone in the area is welcome to attend, as any dwelling, be it permanent or seasonal,  with or without a basement, waterfront or not, could be affected.

Details are provided in the poster below.