FOUND Items:

        Dock found in north shore bay across from Indian Island. It’s  40″ X 12′.  

Call Bruce at 267-9968 if yours

Recovery will not be easy!

July 28th: Paddleboat washed up on  north shore between Cabin Island and Gravelly Bay. Pick up if yours 

July 21: large dock on McManus point seems to be cut on shore side to accommodate shoreline.

July 4th: Raft stuck on shore at top of McManus point. Floats are water jugs. 


June 26:  dock along the north shore on the CPR lands on June 9.  It is about 200 m west of Watch Island. 

Coordinates are 18T 384471 E 4961404 N.  See Photos        

June 12: 

A bundle of stair handrail stiles, dimensions 1 3/8″ square x 35 1/2 ” long, quantity 9, wrapped with plastic strapping, clearly never been used.

-A section of wooden dock 5′ 6″ x 4′ 3″ with a piece of white plastic bumper along one side.Contact Dale and Susan Morland, 190 Patterson Road if yours


Item:This dock is at the shoreline beside the Sully’s in McManus Bay.  It appears to be approximately 10’*10′ made of black modular PBS sections. 

Item: Dock in Station Bay   This is a photo of the dock when the water was high. It is beached now.    image1.JPG