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Further to our posting dated September 17, 2018, completed questionnaires have been received from 8 of 15 TVT candidates running in the upcoming Tay Valley Township Municipal Election.  Directly below is the email that CLA sent to all candidates with the accompanying Questionnaire.

CLA-EmailToTVTCandidates-17Sept2018  (PDF)       CLA-QuestionsToTVTCandidates-17Sept2018  (PDF)

Candidate responses are provided below.  For ease of reading, the font colour in all candidate response documents (PDF) was changed by CLA to red font.  In some instances font styles and sizes, margins and spacing have been changed so that all responses will look the same and no one will have a “style” advantage. We have not knowingly changed or edited the text in any of the responses.”

Candidates for REEVE

Campbell, Brian         Campbell – REEVE- Response to Questions (18-09-30)   (PDF)

Flyer – Brian Campbell  (PDF)

Freeman, Susan         Ms. Freeman acknowledged our Questionnaire and replied:

 “I think these questions are answered in my website”. 

Kerr, Keith                   Mr. Kerr has chosen not to respond to our Questionnaire.

Candidates for DEPUTY REEVE

Crampton, Barrie      Crampton – DEPUTYREEVE – Response to Questions (18-09-30)   (PDF)

Farrell, Judy                Farrell – DEPUTYREEVE – Response to Questions (18-09-29)   (PDF)

Candidates for BATHURST WARD

Dobbie, Fred               Mr. Dobbie acknowledged our Questionnaire and replied:            

“My overloaded time frame does not provide enough time to reply to this as l am involved in many things including a day job and on the campaign trail writing speech’s attending organized campaign meetings to name a few. Please tell your members if they have their own concerns to contact me as l have talked to some them already”.

Jordan, Wayne            Jordan – BATHURST – Response to Questions (18-10-02)   (PDF)

Richardson, Gene      Mr. Richardson has chosen not to respond to our Questionnaire.

Candidates for BURGESS WARD

Barr, Doug                   Barr – BURGESS – Response to Questions (18-10-08)   (PDF)

Flyer – Doug Barr  (PDF)

Hallam, Greg               Mr. Hallam has chosen not to respond to our Questionnaire.

Phillips, Beverly         Phillips – BURGESS – Response to Questions (18-10-08)   (PDF)

Wicklam, Mick            Mr. Wicklum acknowledged our Questionnaire and replied:

“Councillor candidate for Burgess Ward Mick Wicklum has advised that, due to technical issues, he is unable to provide answers to the Questionnaire. However, he is available during business hours to take phone calls or meet in person.  Please call 613-267-9500 to discuss his answers to the Questionnaire or make an appointment to meet to discuss them”. 

Candidates for SHERBROOKE WARD

Burnham, Mark          Mr. Burnham has chosen not to respond to our Questionnaire.

Darling, RoxAnne       Darling – SHERBROOKE – Response to Questions (18-09-26)   (PDF)

                                  Flyer – RoxAnne Darling  (PDF)

Rainer, Rob                  Rainer – SHERBROOKE – Response to Questions (18-09-28)-2  (PDF)