Christie Lake

Christie Lake is located in Lanark County, Tay Valley Township (formerly Township of Bathurst Burgess Sherbrooke).  The lake is situated approximately 15 km (9 mi) southwest of Perth.   Typical of the Canadian Shield, the watershed is characterized by thin soils and areas of exposed bedrock.  The lake has a long, irregular shoreline, with rocky outcrops and steep cliffs dominating most of the northern and southern shoreline.  There are 31 islands, ranging in size from a very small outcrop of 0.04 ha (0.1 ac) to 6 ha (15 ac) in size.

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Christie Lake Story Book

History of Christie Lake

Local author John McKenty has written a book ‘Arden Blackburn’s Mail Route: The Early Days at Christie Lake’.  If you would like to order a signed copy of the book, please visit John’s site at   To view photos of the book signing held on September 22, 2012 at the CLA Fall Wine & Cheese, please click this link Photos.


Planning and Development

This document contains a selection of topics taken from Tay Valley Township Zoning By-law No. 02-121.   This is a fluid document and will be updated as required.  For more information please visit   


Resorts and Camps