Christie Lake Sailing Club

Our goal is to promote interest in sailing, knowledge of sailing techniques, an understanding of “the rules of the road” and sailing etiquette, and adherence to the principles of boating safety.   And let’s not forget eco-friendly fun, exhilaration, exercise, and camaraderie.

2016 Race Results by Day

clsc-race-results-2016-day-1  – pdf 84kB

clsc-race-results-2016-day-2  – pdf 83kB

clsc-race-results-2016-day-3  – pdf 83kB

clsc-race-results-2016-day-4  – pdf 82kB

clsc-race-results-2016-day-5  – pdf 81kB

clsc-race-results-2016-summary-pointstotal  – pdf 67kB

clsc-2017-scheduleandthanks  – pdf 85kB