Island Etiquette

Our IslandsA late summer sunrise.

We have 31 beautiful islands on our lake 14 of which are Public Islands (previously referred to as Crown Land), 14 being private property and the remaining 3 unnamed.  Before tying up your boat to go ashore, please ensure you are on Public land and not private property.  It is your responsibility to know which and respect the difference.

There are 3 public islands (Pickerel, Snake & Hart) which have MNR signage stating the following:

  • “Use of this Island is PROHIBITED from Sunset to Sunrise” and
  • “No dumping or Littering”.

Big Island has only the signage stating “No Dumping or Littering”.  The remaining public islands are being vetted as to responsibility by MNR.

If you are not sure which island is which then select this link to a bathymetric map of Christie Lake.

Please respect private property and only use public land for your lake activities.

High Water Mark

The greatest source of misunderstanding is the concept of the “high water mark” being the lower limit of private property on shore.  Boaters sometimes cite this as a right to tie to shore, or to go ashore to walk, swim, and light a barbecue or camp.  The legal concept of the high-water mark is far from clear in provincial law and may not even exist.

Shoreline Safety

  • Caution should always be used when tying up to the shoreline especially in areas with a sharp drop-off to the lake bed.
  • Look for anchorage or tie up spots on the lee side of an island where possible.


  • Please do not litter, take your garbage with you.  Respect the land.
  • Please do not bring glass containers.  Broken glass can harm people as well as wildlife.
  • On leaving make sure your site is clean and tidy for others to enjoy.

Open Fires

  • Be aware of area ‘fire ban’ notices – call Fire Hall at 613-267-2596.
  • Never leave an open fire unattended.
  • Do not cut down trees to make a fire, use deadfall or charcoal.
  • Set a fire in a safe location using fire pits where established.
  • It is recommended that you do not bring your own firewood due to spread of the Emerald ash borer and Asian long-horned beetle.  Christie Lake lies just outside of a regulated area for transportation of wood.
  • Ensure that your fire is completely extinguished before leaving the site.  Fires not properly extinguished can flare up days later.  Fire Emergency – 613-276-2030.


  • Sound carries across water.  Keep the noise level down and refrain from activities that may annoy others.


  • Do not feed wildlife or leave food on the ground.

Overnight Camping

  • Overnight camping is best suited to Big Island and prohibited on Pickerel, Snake & Hart Islands from Sunset to Sunrise.