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  •  Christie Lake Stewardship Committee update July 2010 – pdf 1.96mB
  •  Ontario’s Approach to Climate Change Adaptation – pdf 4.3mB presentation by Gary Neilsen OMNR Climate Change Coordinator dated 20 October 2012.  This presentation introduced ‘A Practioner’s Guide to Climate Change’.  Although the example in the guide does not cover our area, the guide may be adopted to any region using the framework and inserting our Christie Lake and Tay River Watershed data.
  • Climate Change for Lake Environments – pdf 3.9mB – presentation dated 20 October 2012.  This presentation covers the History and description the Mississippi River watershed, Local impact risk assessment, Reservoir implications, Water management implications and Adaptation options.  There are some very good graphs regarding winter and summer stream flows.
  • Climate change risks and adaptation strategies for local communities – pdf 7.58mB – presentation by Dr. Robert Mcleman (Associate professor, Wilfred Laurier University) dated 20 October 2012.  A correlation of demographics and climate change focusing on the Eastern Ontario Highlands, includes winter and summer trends.
  • Climate Change, Water Resources, Fish and Fisheries – pdf  3.24mB – presentation by Dr. John M. Casselman Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, Biosciences Complex Queen’s University) dated 20 October 2012.  Emphasis on the relationship of water temperatures on varied fish species being an important indicator of change – What to Expect, How to Adapt, Resiliency and Adaptation