New Outhouse on Big Island


The Christie Lake Association Inc. (CLA) is pleased to announce the completion of a joint venture with the Christie Lake Kids Camp (CLKC), for the betterment of our lake environment and the enjoyment of our public spaces.

Big Island, in normal years, sees heavy use by the Camp kids as well as visiting campers who arrive by boat and of course lake residents who enjoy the beach.  The outhouse that was placed on the island by volunteers in the 1970’s had reached the end of its useful life span.  Our Board arranged for a volunteer effort to construct a new outhouse to be used by all and to be under the maintenance responsibility of CLKC in the future.  We hope that this will have a positive impact on the cleanliness of the island and the safety and enjoyment of everyone of this beautiful piece of Canadian Shield wilderness.  The outhouse can be located walking along the south (right hand) path from the beach, then left at the firepit area.

Huge thanks to Donna Walsh, Bryan Wilcock, Mark Walters, Andy Williamson and Brooke Briggs for site preparation and materials transport.  But the biggest thanks go to our carpenter, David Hayman, who, once he was familiar with the Kids Camp, donated both his time and his materials for the benefit of our community.  He did an outstanding, fast job and his generosity was above and beyond.  If anyone would like to get in touch with David for potential jobs, let me know!

Krystyna Williamson


Christie Lake Association Inc.