Please see a well-deserved award of recognition for service below.  David has contributed greatly to the health of our watershed.  On behalf of the Christie Lake Association Inc., and the Christie Lake community, we thank David for his tireless work and dedication.  Congratulations David!

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Ontario Senior of the Year Award – 2022

 Tay Valley Township Presents the Ontario Senior of the Year Award to Mr. David Taylor.

Tay Valley Township is pleased to announce that David Taylor has been awarded the 2022 Ontario Senior of the Year award. David’s contributions to Tay Valley Township and Lanark County reach back many years. A former Tay Valley Township councillor (1995-97), David Taylor has been, and remains, a vital community supporter.

Most recently, David’s work includes Chairing the Tay Valley Heritage Property Selection Committee and providing crucial research information for the documentation of Tay Valley Township historical landmarks.

David Taylor’s talents span social, economic, environmental, and archival/historical contributions, including: 

  • Author of Mills of the Tay Watershed and Area of Eastern Ontario
  • Founder, past President, and Board member of Friends of the Tay Watershed
  • Core member of multiple ecological organizations to recognize and protect the Tay River watershed
  • Supporter and resource for lake associations in the Tay River watershed
  • Core member of the steering group for the Lake Management Planning Program from 2005 to 2008, providing guidance and resource support for lake associations in the Tay watershed
  • Worked from 1997 to 2002 on a Tay River Watershed Management Plan
  • Involvement in the resurrection and restructuring of the Perth Historical Society
  • In 2007, worked on the Tay Canal 175th Anniversary celebrations, liaising with Parks Canada to increase recognition of the Tay Canal and carrying out a successful anniversary celebration and the creation of interpretive signage
  • Founding member of the Tay Valley 200th Anniversary celebrations of the Perth Military Settlement recognizing Legacy Farms and Cottages in the area
  • Instrumental grant writer and sub-committee organizer for the 200th Anniversary that involved Beckwith, Drummond/North Elmsley, Perth and Tay Valley resulting in almost $100,000 to support numerous events that attracted thousands of people and engaged hundreds of community volunteers
  • Organizer of the development of the outdoor skating rink at Glen Tay Public School
  • Researcher and developer of multiple Tay Valley Township kiosk interpretive panels which include Indigenous and settler heritage information

The Township is grateful to Mr. David Taylor for his efforts to support and enhance the Tay Valley community. Please join us in recognizing David Taylor for his many positive influences and contributions in our community.

Photo: Reeve Brian Campbell and David Taylor