Parks Canada Water Level Conditions Update

Parks Canada Video Conference Meeting 18 January 2023

Parks Canada and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority provided an update to the current water level conditions throughout the Tay Watershed.
Fall 2022 precipitation was exceptionally low and water levels across the Rideau System reflected this with seasonally low water levels. The last three weeks, starting 23 December, have seen more than twice the normal precipitation with 50mm of SWE (Snow Water Equivalent) mostly in the form of rain and melted snow pack that has added significantly to water levels throughout the system. Currently the snow pack within the Tay Watershed is below seasonal average.

Water levels throughout the system have stabilized but have not peaked as yet. Bobs Lake is currently 50cm below its full capacity and Christie Lake is currently 20cm below its full capacity. The outflow from Bobs Lake is currently twice the seasonal average and flow will be sustained until Bobs Lake has peaked. Once Bobs Lake has peaked, flow will be reduced.

Should weather conditions change significantly Parks Canada and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority will convene a follow up meeting.