Tay Valley Township circulated the new fire permit registration process notice below at the end of May.  Several residents had issues mapping the correct location of their property using the provided Google Maps tool. 

This was brought to the attention of DNETV and they acknowledged there were issues with the mapping tool.  They assured that ‘Google maps is not the mapping tool that the Fire Department uses for emergency response’.   

If you experience issues with the mapping tool, please notify:

Megan Moore, Administrative Assistant/Treasurer

Drummond/North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue

14 Sherbrooke Street East

Perth, ON K7H 1A2

Phone:  613-267-2596 Ext. 4

Email:  admin@dnetv.ca



A permit is required for all open air burning.

Residents who registered for a permit prior to June 1, 2021 need to re-apply using the link below. Residents have until November 30, 2021 to re-apply.

How to obtain an open air fire permit: Complete your permit application online at dnetv.burnpermits.com or call 613-267-2596.

If you are a tenant, permission from the property owner must be obtained.

All open air fire permits expire annually on December 31 so residents need to re-register for an open air fire permit each year.

Cost: All open-air fire permits are FREE.

For more information, please call 613-267-2596.