As you are probably aware, Tay Valley Township opted last year to extend their mandatory septic inspection program to include Christie Lake.  In this first year of implementation, many of our members have already received notices of upcoming inspections.  Since the program is being carried out in the summer months, if you have not yet received a notice, you are probably not receiving an inspection this year.

While initially it was indicated that if you had a recent professional inspection completed, you could submit that information in lieu of a township inspection, it seems that it is not a simple matter.  According to Eric Kohlsmith, Regulations inspector, the following criteria must be met to be considered for an exemption:

Certificate as an Alternative to Inspection (Section,(2)) of the Ontario Building Code – OBC) can be submitted by a qualified individual (a person with a current Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) for sewage systems). They need to inspect all classes of sewage systems on the property, measure setback distances and provide basic information on the operation, maintenance and construction of the system(s).

In addition, inspections carried out by the same companies that perform maintenance on your systems are considered to have a conflict of interest and would require at least 180 days between performing maintenance and providing an inspection.

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Krystyna Williamson

CLA President