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March 15, 2021

Rideau Canal Water Management Update – March 12, 2021


The 7 day forecast is indicating temperatures close to zero degrees Celsius and low precipitation amount.


The watersheds experienced an onset of warm temperatures recently and precipitation received over past 2 days. This weather resulted in high inflows which have increased water levels on lakes and river reaches. The weather forecast suggests that elevated flows and levels should remain steady. The snow on the ground is variable across the Rideau Canal. In general, the amount of snow increases as you move North from Lake Ontario. Flows in the Rideau Canal are anticipated to remain above average and water levels are expected to increase in all lakes and river reaches.

The Rideau Canal Water Management team will be actively monitoring the changing conditions. Any watershed condition updates will be released by your Conservation Authority

Cataraqui River

The Cataraqui River lake levels are near average for this time of year and are increasing.

Tay River

Bobs Lake is below average level and increasing. Christie Lake is below average. Flows on the Tay are above average.

Rideau River

Wolfe Lake is above average and outflows have been maximised. Upper Rideau is close to its seasonal average and Big Rideau Lake levels are below average and increasing. Flows on the Rideau River are above average.