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Rideau Canal Water Management Update – March 24, 2021 



The 5 day forecast suggests about 33-50 mm precipitation and continued temperatures above 0°C.


In the short term water levels and flows will increase as a result of the forecasted rain. The remaining snowpack in the Upper Tay Watershed and northern part of Rideau River will contribute to the increased runoff amounts.

The Rideau Canal Water Management team will be active and the changing conditions will be closely monitored.    Any watershed conditions updates will be released by your Conservation Authority

Cataraqui River

Lakes are leveled off but expected to increase with the forecasted amount of rain.

Tay River

Bobs Lake and Christie Lake levels are below average and are expected to increase due to the rain. The levels on both lakes will continue to be monitored. Flows on the lower Tay River will likely increase.

Rideau River

Wolfe Lake , Upper Rideau Lake and Big Rideau Lake levels are expected to increase. All the river reaches from Smith Falls to Burritts Rapids are at the seasonal levels. Levels on the Long Reach remain near the average and are expected to increase. The flows in the Rideau River are expected to still undergo significant fluctuations.