On 29 March 2022 Parks Canada provided an update on the Spring 2022 Freshet.

Snow pack for the 2021/22 winter season was average and due to recent spring conditions.  Approximately 80% of the snow pack in the Tay River drainage area has melted. The rapid melt has resulted in high water levels on Bobs Lake and Christie Lake; however, flooding conditions are not forecast.

In anticipation of additional moisture in the form of rain and/or snow through the first half of April, Parks Canada will be increasing the flow from Bobs Lake. Parks Canada has indicated that they see no reason that flood levels on Christie Lake will be reached and that they will continually monitor the water levels on Christie Lake throughout the 2022 Spring Freshet.  They will contact the downstream stakeholders should conditions change.

Water levels measured by Parks Canada for both Bobs Lake and Christie Lake can be accessed at:


Bruce McIntyre