Christie Lake Water Level Report – Spring 2023 at May 10 2023

Water levels started 2023 below seasonal average; however, due to precipitation levels rose through January to above seasonal average and remained high through to the first week in March. Water levels dropped through March and remained below seasonal average until the ice storm in early April. At this point significant precipitation, primarily in the form of rain fell on frozen ground and water levels rose quickly, higher than average levels persisted through most of April falling towards the end of the month. Additional rainfall sent the levels to above average and that is where we are at this time. Both Christie Lake and Bobs Lake have been under a “Flood Watch” or “Flood Warning” for most of March, April and May. At no point did water levels reach what Parks Canada considers “Flood Level” at 155 meters above sea level.

Currently Bobs Lake levels have peaked and are starting to recede. Christie Lake will peak over the next week and assuming no additional precipitation will star to recede.

On behalf of the Christie Lake Association Inc. we have kept in communication with Parks Canada and they have been very helpful in providing forecasts of the water levels Christie Lake could expect.

 Bruce McIntyre