2021 Membership Drive


To:  All Christie Lakers

The Christie Lake Association Inc. (CLA) 2021 Membership Drive is underway.

Given the continued unusual times, canvassers will not be going door to door again this year.  Instead, we are asking you (including those who normally enroll/renew at the CLA Annual General Meeting) to please enroll/renew your membership online at https://christielakeassociation.com/about-cla/membership/.  You may also download the form (same link) and send in the completed form together with a cheque mailed to the address provided on the membership form.

We are asking all Christie Lakers to again support the CLA by purchasing this Membership.  The cost of membership remains at $35.00 a year.  These dollars support many lake activities including social events (hopefully), website hosting and maintenance, Spotlight email communication tools maintenance, Newsletter production, Lake Directory production, maintenance of shoal marker buoys on main body of lake, maintenance of road signage, and assistance with the construction of spawning beds.

Those who do enroll or renew will be eligible to have their name put in a draw for a $50.00 gift certificate for Fiddleheads Restaurant in Perth

If you have already enrolled for 2021, we thank you for your support! 

Many 2019 Christie Lake Directories have yet to be delivered to CLA members.  If you are a member and wish to have your Directory delivered to your lake property, please let us know by replying to this email. 

Should you be interested in helping out with any future CLA event, please contact me at (613) 267-3215 or ‘Contact Us’ at https://christielakeassociation.com/contact-us/.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer,
Membership & Directory Committee