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Perth Farmers’ Market

Dear Friends of the Perth Farmers’ Market

This has been a difficult time for us all.  We started the new year with expectations and dreams for the seasons to come and now, 4 months later, our lives are quite different.  This means that the Perth Farmers Market as we’ve known it in the past must change and adapt to the current situation and I am glad that you have checked in with us to see what our thoughts are.  

A little bit of information about the market.  The market is a Vendor run organization….all plans that are made on how it appears and is run are collective decisions by the vendors and implemented  by a volunteer board made up of these vendors.  Our board has been meeting virtually for the past couple of months in order to see if we can make changes and adapt to the situation guided by the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Public Health Unit. 

At the present, this is the option that we will be following.
1.  Our market will only include vendors who are producers or make food or those who are allowed to sell by the Government of Ontario.  Crafters and artisans will be listed on our website and we enourage you to get in touch with them for your gift giving this season.  

2.  We will have an online marketplace.  This will be coordinated with the Public Health Unit and would allow customers to place an order with our producers and pick up a prepacked order at an assigned time.  Payment would be made in advance with Credit Card or etransfer.  Cash or cheque can be accepted by arrangement with the market coordinator.

3.  Customers will be asked to follow all distancing guidelines and vendors and volunteers will be screened for Covid-19.  Hand wash stations and hand sanitizer will be on site to allow for both vendor and customer hand washing to take place.

4. Items will be given to customers in single use plastic, paper or cardboard packages.  No reuseable or refillable containers will be allowed at this time.

If you know of anyone who is not tech savvy but who is a regular attendee of the market, we may also be able to arrange for emails to get them the products they want.  Phone in orders may also be accepted as well as delivery for those who are vulnerable.  Please encourage everyone to sign up for this MailChimp newsletter (Sign Up available on our website and Facebook page) as this is the way that we will get detailed information out to you. Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you know who may not have received it.  

Once the market season is in full swing we hope to have produce, meats, syrups, honey, baking, prepared foods, cheese and many more items for you to enjoy this summer season.  We appreciate your efforts to keep local food in your fridge and pantry during this time.

The Board of the Perth Farmers’ Market