RVCA Watershed Conditions Statement

Low Water Status Returned to “Normal” in Rideau Valley Watershed

October 6, 2021

WCS-LW – 5/2021

Watershed conditions in the Rideau Valley Watershed have returned to “Normal’ under the Ontario Low Water Response Program.

With above average rainfall amounts across the watershed over the last month, stream flows and water levels have recovered from the previous low water status and are now above average for this time of year.

Parks Canada continues to closely monitor the water levels throughout the Rideau Canal system inside the Rideau Valley watershed. Water levels in the reservoir lakes, located in the upper reaches of the Rideau Valley watershed, are now near normal for this time of year. Rideau River flows downstream of Big Rideau Lake remain at minimum value. Water levels in the Rideau River below Smiths Falls are within navigable ranges for this time of year.

Conservation Authority staff continue to monitor conditions and communicate with water managers throughout the watershed. Updates to this message will be issued as conditions warrant.

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