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The responsible care of our natural resources and wildlife on a watershed basis is essential to balancing human and economic needs against the needs of our natural environment.  We all need a vibrant environment in order to ensure that we have plenty of clean water and a healthy ecosystem.  As caretakers of our environment, we need to continue to devise approaches to plan, promote and implement stewardship practices that protect and restore natural resources.

Are You Looney?  We could use your help

web.pics_021 - CopyWe are looking for volunteers to participate in the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey.  Recording of Common Loon chick production is believed to be a general indicator of lake health.  By tracking loon chick production over  time we have yet another measure for tracking the health of our lake.  Some residents on our lake have been tracking loons for several years but we need more volunteers from around various parts of the lake will help us to track loon parents and their chicks.  The surveying is done from May to August and provides information to Bird Studies Canada.  So if you are an avid birder living at the lake or simply a weekend cottager you can help  us out.  Age and experience don’t matter, the surveying is easy and training is provided.  We need folks in areas such as most of the north shore, Station Bay, and the areas around both the Scout Camp and the Christie Lake Kids Camp.

We also want to construct and deploy some loon nesting platforms.  These should help provide additional habitat to promote successful nesting.  Because the platforms are floating they are also immune to fluctuations of water levels, an all too common issue on the lake.  Construction days will be organized for the fall and the platforms will be deployed in early spring just after ice-out.  We envision all these activities to be a multi-year projects with lasting benefits.  As with most community projects the successful planning and implementation will depend on volunteers.  To find out more about the survey, check out:  To get involved please contact:

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