Tay River Watershed

RVCA Tay River Watershed Report 2011 – pdf 1.83 MB


Lakes, Bays and Ponds

Top of Watershed  –  above N-S railway line from Oconto to Tichborne

Abbott                    Danby                       Leggat*                   Miller

Barton                    Duncan                     Little Beaver           Oconto

Carnahan               Eagle*                       Little Mud               Scanlin

Clow                       Elbow*                      Mud                        Spruce


Middle Watershed  – between Oconto/Tichborne Line & Christie

Attwood                Davern*                   Little Rock               Rainbow*

Beaver  Deer        Little Silver*             Rock (North)

Bobs & Crow*      Doran                        Little Twins             Sucker

Bucks Bay             Farren*                     Lynn                        Thompson Pond

Burns Pond           Green Bay                 Mud Bay                 Victoria

Christie*               Lake of the Hills        O’Brien                  Weatherhead

Crosby*                 Little Crosby             Pike*

Below Christie Lake

Andrew                  McLaren                  Mud lake                 Rock (South)

Doctor                    Mills                         Otty*                      Toms Mud

* Denotes existence of a current Lake or Property Owner’s Association