Septic Systems

General Information

Tay Valley Township  ( contracts its Sewage System Inspection, Permitting Program and Sewage System Re-Inspection Program to the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, who operate the Mississippi-Rideau Septic Office (  The Mississippi-Rideau Septic Office is responsible for sewage system application evaluation and processing, site visits, permit issuance, follow-up, records management and reporting and public relations.   The Township also operates a Sewage System Re-Inspection Program. The program oversees the annual selection of approximately 100 properties for a non-intrusive, visual inspection. A report of any findings is prepared for the property owner along with reference material on proper system maintenance.  Any homeowner planning renovations should consult with the septic office to determine if there will be an increase in the household design flow. All septic system repairs and alterations require a permit through the Mississippi-Rideau Septic System Office (MRSSO). Illegal alterations and repairs can cause a serious public health risk. If suspected, these occurrences should be reported anonymously to the MRSSO.

Contact Information

The Septic Inspector for the Mississippi-Rideau Septic Office is:   Eric Kohlsmith
Phone: (613) 259-2421 ext. 256, Fax: (613) 259-3468